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Contactless payments with credit card and smartphone

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Smart vending
Neural Vision Rack

Camera-equipped rack that utilizes neural networks to detect goods on shelves and their quantity. The rack automatically sends notifications if there are empty spaces or if there’s a mess on the shelf


RFID-equipped rack that precisely detects goods on shelves and their quantity. The rack sends notifications when there is a need to refill shelf stock

Scales Rack

Rack shelves are equipped with scales that measure different sections to detect by weight how much stock is remaining. The rack notifies if there is a need to bring more goods to the shelf

Smart Locks

Smart electronic locks can be installed on any door-equipped device and allow to remotely lock or unlock it. The locks support automation

Electronic Price Tags

Electronic price tags allow to connect via Internet and set depicted prices. They may also be integrated with neural vision rack to enable fully automatic price setup


LED stripes that may swith their light emission to a certain range to attract attention. Neurolights may integrate neural vision cameras to automatically react to passersby

Contactless payments via NFC
NFC Reader

External or integrated NFC Reader from Touchcard can be installed on any vending machine or terminal. Allows you to accept payments with card and smartphone.

Smart coffee maker

The super-automatic coffee machine from allows to accept payments smartphone or bank card directly on the machine. Possible version of the module with a screen or without

NFС for vending

NFC Reader allows any vending machine to accept credit card payments for goods, making it much easier and faster to use the machine

NFC for kiosks

NFC Reader allows kiosks to accept contactless credit card payments for any services. It also increases single payment limit from 5 000 UAH to 30 000 UAH

Payment process
Payment process
Goods selection

The client selects goods or services at a vending machine or any other point of sale

Card reading

The client brings a credit card to kiosk's NFC reader or employee's Android-smartphone


The seller receives successful payment notification, the client receives puchased goods or services


The client can pay with a credit card, employees can take orders with POS terminal


Setup is simple, there is no need for any extra accounts


The solution uses encrypted data exchange and meets internation data protection standarts