Credit card and smartphone payments, goods detection and accounting

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Purchasing from smart fridge

A client brings a credit card or a smartphone to the fridge NFC reader and the lock opens.

Goods selection

The client selects goods, takes them out of the fridge and closes it.


When the fridge is closed, the scanner inside counts all the goods and charges the client for the goods she took.

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Goods loading
Goods identification

An operator scans every RFID-tag and sets price and expiration date for each item.

Tags sticking

The operator sticks RFID-tags to corresponding goods, making them visible for the fridge.


A courier simply loads all goods with tags into the smart fridge that automatically detects them.

Expiration date

The courier receives IDs for all expired goods and takes them out of the fridge.

Easy purchase

The whole purchase is very simple and convenient for clients

Cashless payment

Clients can pay with a credit card or a smartphone with no need for cash

Quick loading

The loading takes about a minute for the courier as the fridge scans goods on its own


Smart fridges can be located anywhere: at offices, malls and so on


The fridge locks up when there is no power or Internet connection

Shelf life control

The smart fridge tracks all expired goods and notifies the courier about them