Conntactless credit card and smartphone payments for turnstiles

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Payment at the turnstile
Card reading

A customer brings a credit card or a smartphone to turnstile NFC reader and it unblocks.

Fund blocking

If the customer needs to pay for the time he spends in turnstile zone, a certain sum is blocked on her credit card.


The credit card get charged as the customer enters or exits through the turnstile.

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Convenient for seller
Quick purchase

Customers do not need cash or to visit cash desk, they can pay instantly on enter or exit.

Rent or sale

Turnstile NFC Reader can be either purchased or rented.

Notifications and reports

The seller get access to Telegram-bot with notifications and to personal account with order reports.

Easy purchase

The whole purchase is very simple and convenient for clients

Cashless payment

Clients can pay with a credit card or a smartphone with no need for cash

Free installation

NFC reader intallation (whether purchased or rented) is completely free

Your turnstiles

There's no need to get new devices, we'll install NFC readers on those you already own


Payment security technologies meet internation data protection standarts


Free access to personal account with stats and Telegram-bot with notifications